Do you win customers with art? With words? A web site? Personal media? With facts, hype, drama, or some "buzz"?

The answer is in the basics. Our five senses are our only portals for grasping all we know. And, as studies show; the more senses we use to absorb a message, the better we understand and remember it — clear proof that businesses must use a myriad of media to win customers. To do this well, they must score the tones of each message to harmonize with the timbre of each media instrument. The resulting orchestration now becomes a symphony of tangible sights and sounds that work with our "sixth sense" — that virtual sense we call "time" — to create a mix that heightens message awareness to a crescendo so strong that the event resonates with undeniable credibility! So, to compete, "media orchestration" is a must.

Media orchestration is not new, but today's media are! Do your promotional programs need a little tuning? Is it time to "strike up your brand" anew?

Chemistry that Commands

The chemistry of the human body changes with every shift in one's belief that their

territory, a perception of their ownership, is diminishing. Simply stated, people buy products to make bad chemistry better again. Do you know why this engine can drive people to accept your message and how it energize them to buy your products and services?

The Secret of Great Design

Great design improves message effectiveness in several ways. Everyone

knows it can attract the eyes and the minds of prospects. Yet, a key benefit of award-winning design is that it adds "style," a misunderstood aesthetic that encourages empathy to grow between customers and businesses. Can you answer: "what is my company's "style?"

"Marketing" Misused Costs

Proven: the best ads and publicity programs cannot save a poorly "marketed"

product. Most data analysis programs (analytics, market research, data mining, etc.) are helpful, but are often misused! Why? Because business people often equate the term "marketing" with "sales" or "advertising/publicity." So, how well defined are your definitions?

You Must Reach to Teach

Every instructor's goal is to successfully educate their students. The same is true

for every business building their customer base. The marketing, ad and sales people are your true instructors. They reach out to teach prospective customers who, in turn, will reach to teach others. But to start, do your promotions reach those you must teach?