Do you win customers with art? With words? A web site? Personal media? With facts, hype, drama, or tons of "buzz"?

The answer: all of these. Studies show the more physical senses and media involved in presenting a message, the better the message is retained. Your words, designs and media must be a harmony of stimuli able to massage the veiwer's physical senses. Radio spots should stimulate visions, TV spots should blend sights and sounds into rhythmic energy that moves them to whistle your tune for days. Create a "virtual symphony" of all the sounds, tones, rhythms, colors, and imagery so that audiences can enjoy waltzing through the details of your promotional "experience." 


Media orchestration is not new, but today's media are! Could your promotions benefit from a tune-up? Let us help you "strike up your brand" today!

Chemistry that Commands

The chemistry of the human body changes with every shift in one's belief

that their territory (a perception of ownership) is diminishing. Simply stated, people buy products to make bad chemistry better again. Do you know how this engine can drive people to accept your message and to energize them to buy your products and services?

The Secret of Great Design

Great design improves message effectiveness in many ways. Most know

that it attracts the eyes and the minds of customers. Great design also delivers your "look" and your "style," an aesthetic that creates empathy between you and your target market. But, take care — even great design can alienate some customers. What's "your style?"

Poor Marketing Adds Cost

Proven: the best ads and publicity programs cannot save a poorly "marketed"

product. Market research (web analytics, market data, etc.) must be gathered and used. It's often wasted, however, by those who think "marketing" is primarily for creating ads and sales programs and not for "product shaping." How do you apply marketing research?

All Designs Use Numbers

We live in a material world. So all plans and designs like written music scores, 

lines drawn on paper, PR plans and ad budgets, story boards, etc., require information managment. "Æsthmetrics," means "the measure of beauty." We're confident, creative pros who can handle facts and complexity. Who would you trust with your marketing efforts?